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As of 13th July, Soft Tissue Therapists were given the green light to work by the government.

Kim is registered with the SMA who works closely with both the GCMT and CNHC, and together these bodies have offered extensive advice and return to work support which is ongoing in accordance to government updates. 

Therefore, Kim is now taking bookings for appointments starting Monday 10th August, however, due to the current situation, Kim has adapted how she works to abide by government and regulatory body guidelines, and can note that H3 Gym (Kim's clinic base) has also had a covid-19 revamp. Such changes are to ensure both your safety and the safety of other clients and gym members.

Kim is based in Nottingham, UK, which so far has had no increased restrictions. To stay up-to-date with current clinic news, follow us on Instagram and Facebook:










  • Those shielding vulnerable family members, front line NHS staff, carers, and those who have been in contact with anyone suffering from Covid-19.

  • Anyone currently receiving treatment for cancer, suffering lung conditions, or is post operative.

  • Experiencing Covid-19 circulatory complications (including deep vein thrombosis, micro-embolisms, stroke symptoms or pulmonary embolism). THIS IS AN IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION AS POST COVID BLOOD COAGULATION PROBLEMS CAN BE EXPERIENCED.

  • Aged 70 years or above.

  • Pregnancy.

  • Heart and/or respiratory conditions.

  • Suppressed immune system.

  • Diabetes.

  • BMI over 39.

If you are unsure whether you fit into this category or not, please feel free to get in to touch. If you do fit in this category, then please feel free to call as Kim can do a video/phone call appointment to discuss your situation, why you want to speak to Kim, and cover any relevant history, and combining these notes, Kim can offer some insight and advice which will be both subjective and objective.

Before the appointment:

  • Phone consultation: to ensure that Kim is the right therapist for you, and if so, discuss as much as possible about why you want to see Kim in clinic as this can help reduce appointments times, and thus face-to-face time.

  • At least 50% of payment is made via online bank transfer (Kim can supply you with these details at the booking), with the remainder if any paid at the appointment. As there is a great demand for appointments, this is to ensure you are confident that you can attend the appointment. If you need to cancel for anything and it is not due to Covid-19 symptoms, testing positive for Covid-19 or isolating due to being around someone who has:

    • Cancel with over 48 hours to the appointment and only 50% of payment is required.

    • Cancel 48 hours or less to the appointment and full price of the appointment is required.

  • First appointments: Client Form sent out upon booking, to be completed and sent back before the appointment.

  • All appointments: COVID-19 Screening Form sent out upon booking, to be completed and sent back before the appointment.

  • Wear clean clothes when are where possible.

  • Key workers required to change out of work wear, shower and change into clean clothing before attending the appointment.

  • We are advised to not use couch covers and use as little toweling as possible so underwear, shorts and a vest top are necessary for all appointments.

  • Bring your own face mask if possible, and bring your own water.

  • Go to the toilet before coming to your appointment. Whilst there are toilets for you to use which are cleaned within the strict government regulations, we advise avoiding if possible. This is to reduce the amount of rooms you enter, the amount of surfaces you come into contact with, and reduce time in the building.

  • Leave all bags and belongings at home, work or in your car (out of sight) where possible so you travel light to the appointment. Whilst Kim will provide you with a lidded box to place your clothes and belongings, the box may not be big enough for bags and belongings, so please limit what you bring into the appointment.

  • Between booking and the apointment, if you experience Covid-19 symptoms, or have been around someone who has, OR you or someone you have been around has tested positive, then please contact Kim as soon as possible and do not attend your appointment. To get a test for Covid-19, please go to or call 119.

​At the appointment:

  • All appointments are arranged with at least a 30 minute gap in between to allow for cleaning and airing of the room and equipment.

  • Do not enter the building until Kim has made contact with you to say the room is ready. Consequently, please arrange travel so that you arrive as close to your appointment time as possible, but note that due to strict regulations, if you do arrive late, we will not be able to make up any lost time at the end and you will be required to pay the full appointment price. 

  • Kim will greet you at the door and will take your temperature before entering and will conduct a brief verbal Covid-19 screening.

  • Enter wearing a face mask - if you have not brought one, please ask before entering and Kim will supply you with one IIR mask.

  • Hand sanitize your hands using the hand sanitizing stations at the entrance or waiting area (noting all furniture from the entrance and waiting area has been removed).

  • Make note of the toilet situation above in 'Before the appointment'.

  • Leave your shoes outside of the appointment room (they will be safe).

  • Everything has been removed from the room except necessary equipment including 2 chairs and a therapy table, and regulation additions such as lidded boxes for equipment and clothing that can be cleaned after each appointment. 

  • Having gained insight and understanding of your reasons for the appointment at the booking, discussion and any necessary assessments will be conducted efficiently so that we can move onto treatment as quickly as possible. If you forget to mention something at booking, please do not wait until the appointment to discuss it but rather get in contact before you appointment.

  • Kim often uses gym equipment to help explain certain exercises and to gain further understanding of your biomechanics, however, to respect government guidelines and the potential risk, Kim will not be able to use such equipment and instead will briefly discuss any such advice. A follow up email detailing the advice will be sent post appointment (the email being similar to the follow up email already sent to clients - feedback has said that they are the most detailed and informative follow up emails clients have ever received!).

  • If you did not wear your shorts and vest to the appointment, you can change into them before treatment, placing all belongings and clothing in a clear lidded box during treatment. 

  • Rather than going over the information and advice at the end of the appointment, this will be kept to a minimum with the information being in the follow up email as mentioned above.

  • Kim is renowned for being thorough and often takes time to answer your questions to ensure you leave with confidence and a plan that is easily implemented into your lifestyle. Current circumstances mean that this may not be as possible as before Covid-19, so to ensure you get the best treatment possible, it may be that some questions will have to be answered via communicating after the appointment.

  • With respect for the next client, appointment times will be strict, with you leaving the building at the actual end time of your appointment (but don't forget your shoes!).

After the appointment:

  • If in the 2 weeks post appointment you experience Covid-19 symptoms OR you have tested positive for Covid-19, then please contact Kim as soon as possible. To get a test for Covid-19, please go to or call 119.

  • Kim will send a follow up email detailing all the information discussed (and potentially more!) including insight and advice.

  • If you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact, Kim will be more than happy to answer your questions.

  • Please leave feedback via email/text or via Facebook, Kim is always interested to hear your thoughts and appreciates all feedback.

  • General day to day, implement the discussed plan that was adapted to you and your lifestyle. Once you have left the appointment, what you do with your body is up to you, and the more you can implement it and become more aware, the more improvement you will notice. 

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