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30 minute treatment: £30

1 hour treatment: £60

1 hour 30 minute treatment: £80

2 hour treatment: £100

(Discount offers listed below)

Kim focuses on treating both cause and symptoms, not just the latter, so you can achieve your aims and goals with a smile, whilst looking for the next challenge. There is also the bonus of in depth advice, skills and awareness to help you continue your journey with confidence.


£20 off treatments of 1 hour or longer when booking on at least a monthly basis (good for athletes, sporting professionals such as Personal Trainers and Coaches, and clients rehabilitating injuries or with chronic medical conditions).

Condition: must have at least 1 appointment of 1 hour or longer every 4 weeks for at least 4 months.


Please note, if you wish to cancel or re-book an appointment, please provide at least 48hours notice.

- Providing 48hours notice or more enables Kim to offer that booked time to another person. Providing less than 48hours notice can reduce likelihood of someone else being able to take the appointment due to limited time to plan. 

- If Kim cannot re-book this appointment, a charge will be made amounting to £20 less than the booked appointment. For example, a 1hour 30minutes appointment will incur a charge of £60.

- If someone else is able to book in for the time cancelled/re-booked, no charge will be made.


We had this in place pre-covid, but we want to give back more than ever to show our thanks and appreciation.

£20 treatments for 60 minute treatments or longer.


- Proof of employment must be provided at the appointment such as MOD 90, Defence Discount Card, Blue Light Card or NHS Card.

- Intention to use this offer should be notified during booking or we may not be able to accept it, you must also bring the card with you to your appointment - no card/proof, no offer.

Paviors RFC 2019 Double Header Winners,
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For athletes:

Kim is registered on the "Road2Success" Sponsorship Programme (formerly "Road2Rio") with the SMA to provide treatment for olympic/paralympic athletes and potentials. Get in contact now to see how Kim can help you in your career as an athlete.

Kim can also offer performance assessments and advice regarding most sports including martial arts, athletics, gymnastics, horse riding, swimming, triathlon, cycling, weight lifting (including Olympic style), and many more! For more information, please feel free to get in contact.

Private Event Rentals
Running Race
Winning Match
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Vision Goggles
A Close Match
Young Gymnast

For office/companies:

Want to improve wellbeing in the office? Employees complaining of stress and pain associated with extensive desk work and/or travelling?Kim has both a treatment table and chair, and can provide invoices for employees post treatment in accordance with health insurance and HR requirements. Please speak to Kim for more information, and for feedback from other offices/companies, see "Testimonials".

Trading Floor
People Working in Open Office
Creative Meeting
Busy Office

For horse riders:

Kim can come and assess your riding to offer both advise and tips to improve. Kim wishes she was able to ride at the capacity she once did, specialising in Advanced Dressage, but unable to due to a past neck injury, this is the next best thing - helping you on your horse riding journey.

Kim treats International Irish Showjumper Billy Twomey who goes on to win most classes all over the world post treatment.

horse trials cross country pick up truck
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For insurance claims

Kim does treat people going through insurance claims, particularly whiplash post car accident. Please check if your insurance company accepts The Sports Massage Association (The SMA) as a regulatory body, or contact Kim to enquire further.

General note:

A 1 hour 30 minute treatment is recommended for all first appointments, to allow for history taking, an assessment, and a decent treatment. At the end of the session you should feel not only feel better, but understand why, feel confident in your aims and goals regarding performance, and you even get a lengthy follow up email covering it all (plus more)!

There is a reason why Kim has such a great reputation, please "Testimonials" for some examples of feedback. So why hesitate any longer, get in contact now!



Kim uses a wide range of techniques to adapt each treatment to suit the individual. These can include myofascial release, trigger point work, tapotement, Muscle Energy Techniques (MET), effluerage, petrissage, friction, transverse STR, and intra-oral work (mouth). Kim can even relieve sinuses!!!

Fun Fact: There can be a trigger point in the roof of your mouth that can release your gastrocnemius (calf muscles)!

With such training in conjunction with Kim's awareness and understanding, Kim managed to successfully treat a left ankle which had caused problems for 2 years for an international athlete at AIMAG, Turkemenistan 2017, by treating the left TMJ (jaw)!

Kim treats the jaw when are where necessary, and offers a full explanation as to why it is required. There can be a plethora of reasons to apply such a technique, Kim using it both in clinic and sport work. Want to know more, just ask!

Whether it be an injury, symptoms from a medical condition, performance focused, or maintenance work, Kim has the knowledge and experience to help! Just check the testimonials!


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