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Kim was invited to treat employees for a day in a highly respected office/company in Nottingham, providing 20min chair treatments. Annoymous feedback was provided:

-  "The lady was nice and took her time for you. She gave some handy tips as well. I think it would definitely be a good idea to get her in on a regular basis."

-  "Kim did a great job. It would be great if we could get her in again as I'd definitely book her again."

-  "It was absolutely fantastic! It was very useful for me and I will definitely be booking in for a proper session with her."

-  "I thought the massage was great and Kim was very professional and she gave me some precious advice on how to release tension. I would like to do it again."

-  "I play sports a lot, and I have some injuries I never treated, and yesterday in just 20minutes she managed to ease a lot of the pain in the shoulder (in which I need surgery) and in the knee, giving me a lot of advice. I asked for her business card as I was very happy with the treatment. I think we should roll it out on a regular basis."

-  "It was really good and much needed. Kim spent the time concentrating on my needs. Definitely recommend it and will want to do it again."

-  " It was amazing. She was really knowledgeable and professional and I would definitely go again if she comes back."

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Myles, RFU Coach:

"Without a doubt the best sports therapist I have ever seen. Since visiting Kim in September 2013 at H3 Performance, I haven't had any recurring injuries and feel fitter, faster and stronger when training. Kim has made me feel more confident in my bodies ability to work at maximum effort. Not worrying about injury was half the battle for me, and knowing I have the right support and prep has enabled me to challenge myself each time I train. If you wish to see her once or on an ongoing basis, you can't go wrong!"

After Myles moved to Leeds, and visited for treatment:

"Long time since my last visit but feeling absolutely amazing after seeing Kim today. I can again turn my head and push off my toes."

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Henry, gym enthusiast, after 1 treatment of 1 hour 30mins for chronic shoulder pain:

"Kim thanks for an amazing session yesterday, I feel like a new person!"

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Vicki, Yoga and Pole Instructor:

"To all my wonderful friends/ students/ colleagues that have had to sit through me explaining my recent leg injury, and recent amazing sports massage; I can now SHARE the wonderful lady that helped to 'massage' (some people interchange that with 'torture' ;) ) the aches and pains away - the wonderful Kimberley Shone & her page Move Well Nottingham - I HIGHLY recommend this talented lady- as a VERY talented horse rider she knows what us horsey girls go through, as an up and coming poler, she knows what we go through, and as an active sports person, she can relate to many injuries - so for any niggles you may have, drop Kim a line."

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John, a business man from Norfolk who travels a lot with work and books in with me whenever he is working nearby:

"As usual the treatment helps and repairs me, this week, off your own back, you put a heel lift in my shoe and it's helped.

It's rare to find someone that is both very good at what they do and helps people. I have seen many people over the decades and never found anyone better, topped by the fact that you think outside of the box and care for your patients, it makes you exceptional."

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Noema, after 1 treatment of 1hour30mins for chronic neck pain with migraine symptoms:

"I am feeling much better, I haven't had any bad neck pains ever since I visited you so I am very pleased."

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Rich, a keen runner who had not been able to run due to chronic back pain for 9 years. This was after 1 treatment of 1 hour 30mins:

"Still feeling good after treatment. I even managed to go for a run the next day without any issues which was great. I haven't been waking up with a stiff or sore in my lower back since, especially if I've had an Epsom Salt bath the night before as you advised.

I'm much more conscious about how I am walking at the moment and I think I am doing ok with that. I'm struggling with the breathing but I think that's going to take a bit of work and practice."

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