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The SMA (The Association For Soft Tissue Therapists) describes Soft Tissue Therapy as:

"The management, manipulation and rehabilitation of soft tissues of the body including muscles, tendons and ligaments. It is applicable not just to sports people but to anybody wishing to guard against or recover from a soft tissue injury."


BTEC Level 5 Sports Massage and Remedial Soft Tissue Therapist from the renowned NLSSM

Specialising in Performance (Sports and Arts)

  • Athletes whom Kim treats and has treated include Paul "Semtex" Daley (MMA: Bellator, former UFC - British), Billy Twomey (International Showjumper - Ireland), Victor Estima (International BJJ - Brazil), Hamzeh Rasheed (International BJJ - Jordan), Jamie Delgado (Tennis - British, now in coaching), and many more.

  • Performing Arts - Kim treats performing artists working in all sectors, adapting the session to suit each individual.

  • Lead Sports Therapist to Paviors RFC (Winners of the Nottingham Cup since 2015 giving them the title "Best In Nottingham") and promoted into RFU National League Midlands Premier (Level 5) 2019 - 2023.

  • Pitch side first aid work for BUCS (British Universities and Colleges Sport)

  • NLD RFU Men's Senior First Team 2019 Sports Therapist which is a combination of the best players from teams from throughout Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire and Derbyshire.

  • Nottingham Outlaws RLC Sports Therapist working with fantastic physiotherapists to cover all senior teams. Kim works in rugby league during the rugby union off season.

  • Asian Indoor and Martial Art Games 2017 in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan as part of the Host Medical Team. Whilst Kim was based in the Sports Massage Department treating athletes, helping teach local volunteers and helping manage the Ice Baths (Cryotherapy) it was a whole team effort to ensure the games ran smoothly and to a high standard of care and performance. Lead Sports Massage Therapist was Mr. Nick Mooney.

  • Attended the Fascia Symposium 2016.

  • Nottingham Aegon Cup 2014 treating national and international tennis players throughout the tournament.

  • Experienced in providing soft tissue therapy for corporate events including wellbeing days for employee welfare.

  • Working with the wonderful Physiotherapist Rachel Burr post qualification (Heathcoat Street Clinic in Hockley, Notts), Kim was greatly inspired in all things performance, particularly high quality function with healthy tensegrity, MDT work, hypermobility, and the impacts of stress and anxiety and ways to combat them including breath work.

  • Experience competing to a high level in equestrian sports from a young age, learning what it takes to succeed and had Sports Psychology Training with team building from the renowned Dr. Moira Lafferty when competing for North West BYRDS (British Young Riders Dressage Society).

  • Advanced Dressage Trained including coaching by the renowned Sarah Roger (International Trainer and Para-Dressage Judge), 5* coaching whilst with North West BYRDS, and lucky enough to witness many a lesson taken by Stephen Clarke (FEI Dressage Judge General since 2013, and BD Vice President since 2022). 

  • Whilst a neck injury at 15 years old ended dreams of a career in Dressage, the requirement for physical therapy over the following years allowed Kim to benchmark and learn what makes both a 'good' and 'bad' therapist so that since qualifying as a Soft Tissue Therapist, she has always maintained a high standard by vowing to treat people the way that she would like to be treated herself.

  • Achieving a BA (Hons) in Law helped to develop Kim's brain so that it could quickly consider many avenues, what they involve and their outcomes, and the plethora of subjectives and objectives. Studying Law also helped Kim master research skills so she can do so efficiently and effectively. 





Paviors RFC 2019 Double Header Winners,
Paviors RFC

Lead Therapist since 2013. Best in Nottingham since 2015, RFU Level 5 2019 - 2023

Paul "Semtex" Daley

MMA, Bellator (previously UFC). Former Cage Rage World and British Welterweight Champion.

Billy Twomey

Represented Ireland at London Olympics 2012, rated one of THE best International Showjumpers!

Nottingham Outlaws RLC

Conference League South Champions 2015, now in the more challenging Yorkshire Premier Division.

NLD RFU Mens Snr Team 2019.jpg
NLD Men's Senior First Team Squad 2019

After taking a sabbatical, NLD RFU called upon Nathan Eggleshaw to be Head Coach (former Paviors RFC Head Coach), with Nathan Smith (former Kesteven RFC Head Coach), and Roxy Fearon (former Derby RFC Head Coach) to create a team for the Bill Beaumont County Championship. I was asked to be Lead Therapist including pre and post game assessment and treatment, taping, pitch side first aid, and supplies ordering.
Patrick Smyth

Kim first saw Patrick back in 2019 after he had been singing for Disney and was now touring with Strictly Come Dancing. Kim now catches up with Patrick whenever he is in town so he can continue touring with confidence.

Ashgbat 3.jpg
AIMAG 2017, Turkmenistan

Part of the Multi-Disciplinary Team, Sports Massage had it's own section within the Poly Clinic with Nick Mooney as Head SMT. We had 2 teams of local volunteers, treating athletes and officials, with Sports Massage proving to be the most popular section of the Poly Clinic according to post games statistics.

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Kim's Logo 2 (No Background).jpg

Kim considers posture, breathing and biomechanics, with every treatment involving an assessment. Taking into account elasticity and tensegrity, Kim considers the whole body, not just the shoulder for shoulder pain for example.

With a plethora of techniques in her 'toolbox' such as myofascial release, MET (PNF), friction, tapotement, intra-oral (mouth) work, and trigger points, Kim adapts each treatment to suit each client and session so the benefits are felt long term, not just a few hours or days.

Understanding the importance that every client leaves feeling confident and happy, Kim is always honest and has developed various ways to communicate what she finds, how to advance function, and any home care advice to ensure continuous improvement.

No matter what your aims or goals are, Kim will always do her best to help you achieve them.

99% of clients are obtained via word of mouth - the most honest way.

If you have seen the same person about the same pain for more than a year without significant improvement, it is time you should consider why you are still seeing them!

Kim has built a network of dedicated inspirational highly renowned professionals including physiotherapists, sports therapists, podiatrists, personal trainers, osteopaths, nutritionists and mental health professionals. If Kim believes you would benefit from another form of treatment, she can recommend the person most appropriate. The aim is to make sure each client achieves their goals, wishes and dreams, that is the priority!

If you are a Health Professional and/or Medical Practitioner that is interested in networking with Kim, please feel free to get in touch. 

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Kim's Logo 2 (No Background).jpg

Performance has always been a big part of Kim's life, trying ballet, taking part in ballet, swimming, and equestrian sports from a young age, greatly inspired by her father playing darts internationally alongside Phil "The Power" Taylor before creating an International Mail Order Darts business, and her Grandfather whom was a professional racing jockey riding in the world famous Aintree Grand National five times. Kim's own competitive nature became apparent when the night before her first official equestrian competition at just 6 years old (riding for a private owner), she was adamant that she would win despite no prior experience, and the following day came home with two 1st place rosettes.

At the age of 7 years old Kim was lucky enough to be given her first pony called Flossie, and with Mrs Helen Wegman as her trainer, it was not long before she went on to win many more 1st place rosettes and trophies. As Kim grew taller, her next pony Pepper helped improve her confidence in all riding club disciplines and was took Kim to the National Riding Club Championships for the first time, one competition being Pairs Dressage where Kim and Katie were the youngest pair to ever compete in this section at the Championships and came 2nd, losing 1st place by 0.5points. Loxley was Kim's third pony, he was simply fantastic and they competed and often won against adults in Show Jumping, and together they competed at all Riding Club Championships including Dressage, Dressage to Music, Show Jumping, Horse Trials and Hunter Trials. He was a Connemara so whilst he thoroughly enjoyed his jump work, his best move in Dressage was halt, however through Kim's passion for flat work, they constantly improved and became a force to be reckoned with. 

      Kim then outgrew ponies and decided to focus on her love for Dressage with her first horse Bally whose sire was the famous Irish Sports Horse Clover Hill who competed in horse racing. By this point she was based at Cotton Equestrian Center in Cheshire where she was extremely lucky to witness many training sessions delivered by Stephen Clarke (FEI Dressage Judge General since 2013, BD Vice President since 2022), and he often gave her advice when he saw her riding. Kim had training from Sarah Rodger (International Trainer and Paralympic Dressage Judge), with Sarah commenting that Kim could one day make an excellent judge due to being naturally aware of the theory and practical understanding of dressage, and her professional approach to assessing performance. Kim went on to compete for North West BYRDS (British Young Riders Dressage Society) where she received Sports Psychology and Team Building training with the renowned Dr. Moira Lafferty, and did some work experience at the yard of Ferdi Eilberg (Team GB Head Dressage Coach at the time).

Kim's Dressage career came to end following a neck injury at 15 years old, discovering the hard lesson that we are not invincible, and realizing she was having to reconsider her life options (and quickly due to A-Levels), it was a painful experience both physically and mentally. Discovering a keen interest in Intellectual Property Law, Kim went on to study BA (Hons) Law but due to the extensive studies causing aches and pains related to the neck injury, found herself attending many appointments with Sports Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, and Sports Therapists. Upon graduation, Kim commenced her LPC (Law Masters) at Nottingham University and gradually saw her health deteriorate causing her to pause her full time studies and move back home to Cheshire. Whilst attending the many hospital appointments, Kim worked for a local Solicitor's firm and the family business. 

      Fast forward to 2011, after attending meditation classes and with thanks to Bruce from Wrexham and the wonderful people in the group, Kim decided to take her body aches and pains into her own hands somewhat and made a career change back to sport but this time in Soft Tissue Therapy with the aim to work in Performance. In Sept 2012 Kim started studying for her Level 5 Soft Tissue Therapy with the world renowned NLSSM and became one of the first to graduate within her group by fully qualifying in Oct 2013. Within the same week she moved to Nottingham where she based herself at The Heathcoat Street Clinic in Hockley working with the highly regarded Physiotherapist Ms Rachel Burr, H3 Performance which was a gym who saw many elite athletes walk through their doors, and became Lead Therapist for Paviors RFC which is based within the wonderful Burntstump Country Park.

Such a career became natural to Kim as it enabled her to combine her exceptional hand sensitivity (proprioception) and assessment skills developed from Dressage, analytical and communication skills from her studies in Law, and her overall passion for improving performance. It also meant that all those years seeing various Physical Therapists became benchmarking, enabling her to learn what made a 'good' and a 'bad' therapist, and then vowing to always treat how she herself would like to be treated. 

Kim has now gained over 10 years experience as a fully qualified BTEC Level 5 Soft Tissue Therapist specialising in Performance, and has been given many amazing opportunities, both national and international sporting events, working with some of the best in the world in an MDT environment, and gaining a clinic reputation that attracts not just people locally and nationally, but internationally including USA and and an elite athlete from Jordan. She finds the work highly rewarding, enabling people to achieve their aims and goals with confidence inside and out. Rarely needing to see people more than once due to her communication and treatment skills, many clients are surprised as to how easy it can be to resolve aches and pains, and most importantly, maintain it long term.


And lastly, Kim wanted to use her growing knowledge and wisdom, and ever growing network, to help answer questions regarding her own health including the neck injury and deterioration in 2010 - 2011. After lots of tests to confirm, Kim has been diagnosed with Ocular Myasthenia Gravis which is an autoimmune condition that effects the eyes but has the potential to become general and effect the whole body, and is now on immunomodulator medication for it. As a consequence, as of the end of the 2023/2024 rugby union season, Kim is stepping down from her Lead Therapist role at Paviors RFC to enable her to focus on her health and clinic work. Whilst this change is inevitably sad, she looks forward to the future and seeing where it takes her.

No matter what you've been through, no matter where you've come from, there is always hope if you look at it in the right perspective and if you have passion, determination and a good heart, you will find a way to make it work for you.



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